Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Azarov announced the creation of a government-in-exile

Ex-Prime Minister of the country Mykola Azarov intends to create a government in exile after the decision of Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow, which recognized the events of 2014 in Kiev a coup d’etat, writes “Interfax”.

“Needs to Mature in the circumstances and conditions that had a government in exile. First of all, these conditions must ripen on the Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, the current “elite, illegally seized power, almost not able to carry out its functions and society will require different power, so there will be such conditions.

Azarov noted that similar lawsuits will be filed in international court, it is also expected that they will eventually consider and Ukrainian courts.

“The decision of Dorogomilovsky court is very important. Because it is a recognition of the fact – obvious, that in the country there was a coup,” concluded the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Photo: Emeric Fohlen / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress