Chinese media warned the US revenge of Beijing in the case of recognition of Taiwan

Cai Inven in the Houston airport, January 2017

The Chinese media has threatened revenge in Washington if elected President, Donald trump will abandon its policy of “one China.” The corresponding statement contains an editorial in the state newspaper of China The Global Times.

“The requirement to adhere to the principle of “one China” — not a whim of the PRC, — stated in the text. — Each President of the United States must respect this principle if it wants to maintain Sino-us relations at the appropriate level and with respect for order prevailing in the Asia-Pacific region. If trump into office, will abandon its policy of “one China,” our people demand from government retaliation. This is not a topic for negotiations”.

The indignation of the Chinese press called meeting of the Taiwan leader Tsai Inven with several Republican politicians in the U.S. city of Houston Sunday, January 8. Despite a warning letter from the Chinese Consulate, a group of Texas officials, led by Senator Ted Cruz held with Tsai talks. In response to the outrage of Chinese diplomats, Cruz said: “China needs to understand that Americans decide for themselves who to date. The Chinese can’t veto our meetings, and we will continue negotiations with all partners, including the Taiwanese, if it is beneficial to us”.

Earlier action by the elected President of the trump already caused a diplomatic conflict. He talked on the phone with the Taiwan leader Tsai Inven, which angered Beijing. 12 December, the Republican said not to Beijing to decide with whom to communicate. In addition, on December 4 trump in his Twitter also criticized the economic policies of China and its military activity in the South China sea.