The American media are disappointed with the report of U.S. intelligence on the “Russian hackers”

The report of the three of us intelligence, devoted to the alleged interference “Russian hackers” in the election of the President of the United States, vulnerable to criticism. So says New York Times.


According to the authors of the publication, the report contains no sensational statements and disclosures. The document reminds the file, which lists “attempts to influence on the American political system.” However, no new evidence of Moscow’s intervention in the elections was not presented.


The New York Times also unhappy that American intelligence agencies did not disclose the methods by which it was collected information. According to journalists, it calls into question several provisions of the document.


In addition, the report presents a “streamlined” conclusions. In particular, the publication draws attention to the fact that the authors can’t claim to have changed any so-called interference by foreign hackers public opinion in favor of trump.


Before the office of the Director of national intelligence released the unclassified version of the report on the cyber attacks, which allegedly were made “Russian hackers” during the American election campaign in 2016. The document, prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA called “assessment of the activities of Russia in the outcome of the elections in the United States.”

Photo: Ron Sachs / Ron Sachs – CNP / Globallookpress