The American expert called “proof” of cyber attacks by Russia

Western media write that it entered the secret part of the us intelligence report about the alleged involvement of Russia in the cyber attacks on the Democratic party. The most important and proof of the involvement of the Kremlin in the hacks specified intelligence agencies intercepted conversation of Russian officials, during which they rejoice over the victory of Donald trump in the election. This was stated by the correspondent, NBC News Ken Dilanian in an interview with MSNBC, writes RT.


“We know from news stories that, for example, in the classified version of this report there is a passage which says that U.S. intelligence intercepted the talks of Russian officials to celebrate the victory trump with her and congratulate each other on election night,” says Dilanyan.


However, he notes that the American public is dissatisfied with the report and the experts were expecting more from him. Nor in the published text, either in a classified document, leaked to reporters, there is no really compelling evidence.

Photo: Rudolf Arco Images GmbH / Globallookpress