Rebels in côte d’ivoire was released the Minister of defence

In côte d’ivoire rebellious troops allowed the Minister of defence of the Republic Alan-Richard Donwahi to leave the building in which it was blocked because of the shelling. On Saturday, January 7, according to Reuters. Along with him were released about ten people.

According to the Agency, the head of the defense Ministry went to the airport and bouaké.

Earlier on Saturday, the President of côte d’ivoire, Alassane Ouattara said that the authorities and the military could come to an agreement to end the two-day rebellion. The talks were held in one of the administrative buildings in bouaké — the second largest city in the country.

After a half hour rebel opened fire on a house where the head of the defense Ministry, the mayor of bouaké, the government delegation, as well as journalists and representatives of the rebels.

Demobilized soldiers staged riots in three cities in côte d’ivoire of 6 January — a week after the parliamentary elections in the country. The riots started early this morning in bouaké, later, the rebellion was joined by the soldiers in the cities of Daloa and Korhogo.

According to military sources, former members before they take positions at the entrances to the city, sacked police stations and took weapons. As reported in Daloa, a shooting took place in a military camp.

The rebels are demanding higher cash payments, and improving living conditions.