Putin will be celebrating Christmas in an ancient monastery in the Novgorod region

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates Christmas at Holy Yuriev monastery in Novgorod region. This was announced on Friday, January 6, “the Tape.ru” informed the source. The head of state, according to the Agency Flash Nord, has already arrived in the monastery, which was founded in XII century on Bank of the Volkhov river and is one of the oldest in Russia. After the solemn Liturgy Putin, according to the interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”, talk with the local fishermen, with whom he had met in September during the visit to Novgorod oblast, along with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Then the first persons of the state visited the island of Lipno in the Delta of the river Msta, where he visited the Orthodox Church of late thirteenth century – the Church of St. Nicholas in Lipno, but also made a boat trip on the lake Ilmen went on Board

Britain urged to suspend Russia from the Olympics-2018

The head of the British anti-doping Agency (about ukad ukad) David Kenworthy said that the Russian team must be removed from the Olympic games in 2018, reports “R-Sport” with reference to the BBC. The Olympics will be held in South Korea in Pyeongchang.   “I think they (the Russian Olympians) should be removed from Games in 2018. I think they had to be removed from the Olympics back in the summer,” said Kenworthy.   He added that the IOC commits “complete crap” involving the issue of doping, which was used by Russian athletes, the policy. In his opinion, everything that happened with the Russian sport this year “unbelievable than a novel about James bond”.   Earlier, the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren published reports according to which in Russia there was a system of the use by athletes of doping. The

The Turkish authorities explained the power outages cyber attacks United States

The Minister of energy and natural resources of Turkey Berat Albayrak stated that shortages of electricity in Istanbul and nearby cities have arisen as a result of cyber attacks from the United States. This opinion was expressed Saturday, January 7, commenting on the unsatisfactory performance of the country’s power grid, according to Turkish Minute. “January 6, we are faced with serious cyber attacks from the United States. These attacks on the different departments of the Ministry of energy was systematically carried out, but we repelled them all,” said Albayrak. According to him, the Ministry is working in enhanced security mode. “We need to take precautionary measures against any possible acts of sabotage”, — TASS quoted the Minister. As noted, in the last few days the residents of Istanbul and nearby towns complained about the irregular supply of electricity. Albayrak stated that the situation is under control.

Lebanon hopes for the revitalization of the project of supply of weapons from Russia

Photo: RIA “Vladim” The Lebanese authorities are counting on the revitalization of the project of deliveries of tanks and rocket launchers from Russia for the sum more than $ 500 million, said Minister of state for presidential Affairs of the country Pierre Raffoul. Previously this was reported by the Lebanese Ambassador to Russia Shawki Bou Nassar. In particular, Beirut interested in supplying anti-tank missile complexes “cornet”, guns and T-72 tanks. “There are projects worth more than half a billion dollars to strengthen the power of the Lebanese army at the expense of Russian weapons, including tanks, missiles and installation. We hope this issue to intensify in terms of the positive atmosphere prevailing now,” said Raffoul, reports RIA Novosti. According to the Minister, Beirut and Moscow have common strategic task — the fight against terrorism.

The Northern fleet will take part in the most nominations of the international Army games

© Lev Fedoseyev/TASS, archive MURMANSK, January 8. /TASS/. Northern fleet (NF) will participate in 26 of the 28 categories of the contests and competitions that will take place within the international Army games in 2017. About it reported in a press-service of SF. “The command of the Northern fleet will compete in 21 of the existing contests and in new 5”, – reported in the Navy.

The American media are disappointed with the report of U.S. intelligence on the “Russian hackers”

The report of the three of us intelligence, devoted to the alleged interference “Russian hackers” in the election of the President of the United States, vulnerable to criticism. So says New York Times.   According to the authors of the publication, the report contains no sensational statements and disclosures. The document reminds the file, which lists “attempts to influence on the American political system.” However, no new evidence of Moscow’s intervention in the elections was not presented.   The New York Times also unhappy that American intelligence agencies did not disclose the methods by which it was collected information. According to journalists, it calls into question several provisions of the document.   In addition, the report presents a “streamlined” conclusions. In particular, the publication draws attention to the fact that the authors can’t claim to have changed any so-called interference by foreign hackers public opinion in favor of trump.  

Rebels in côte d’ivoire was released the Minister of defence

In côte d’ivoire rebellious troops allowed the Minister of defence of the Republic Alan-Richard Donwahi to leave the building in which it was blocked because of the shelling. On Saturday, January 7, according to Reuters. Along with him were released about ten people. According to the Agency, the head of the defense Ministry went to the airport and bouaké. Earlier on Saturday, the President of côte d’ivoire, Alassane Ouattara said that the authorities and the military could come to an agreement to end the two-day rebellion. The talks were held in one of the administrative buildings in bouaké — the second largest city in the country. After a half hour rebel opened fire on a house where the head of the defense Ministry, the mayor of bouaké, the government delegation, as well as journalists and representatives of the rebels. Demobilized soldiers staged riots in three cities in côte d’ivoire of

The outgoing Pentagon chief complained to Putin

Photo: RIA Novosti Preparing to leave his post as Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said that the United States cannot normalize relations with Russia because of President Vladimir Putin. He stated this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. According to the politician, Putin determines the success of its policy on the “degree of discomfort” supposedly created by “the rest of the world”. “Because we are looking so hard to build bridges with Russian leaders,” complains the head of the Pentagon, whose powers come to an end after the inauguration of Donald trump. He separately criticized Moscow for its intervention in Syria. In Syria, according to Carter, Russia did nothing to combat the “Islamic state” (a group banned in Russia — ed.). “They are fighting against the moderate opposition and Syrian government,” he said. Carter also noted that he had urged the new Congress and new presidential administration to continue

Kerry criticized trump for his active use of Twitter

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry criticized President-elect Donald trump for the fact that he actively uses the social network Twitter and often writing about important international events. About it RIA Novosti reported with reference to ABC News.   Kerry stressed that the 140 characters of a Twitter message not enough to explain the complex issues dealt with by American authorities. He also expressed hope that the new administration will choose another way of communication with the citizens of the United States.   “I don’t make statements about international politics in Twitter. I don’t think 140 characters allows you to adequately cope with the challenging choices we are making,” said Kerry. Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones / Globallookpress

Established the identity of the suspect in the terrorist attack in Istanbul

Turkish police identified the suspect in the terrorist attack in new year’s eve in Istanbul. According to the newspaper Daily Sabah, attacking — the native of Uzbekistan Abdulqadir Masharipov, also known as Abu Muhammad of Khorasan. Law enforcement officials continue to search for the shooter, who managed to escape after the attack at the nightclub Reina. Earlier it was reported that committing a terrorist act is suspected 28-year-old citizen of Kyrgyzstan Yahya of Mashrapov. Live on Turkish TV channel TRT World was shown a photograph of the passport in his name. Subsequently, the man said that has nothing to do with this attack. According to Mashrapova, he flew to Turkey January 1 after the attack occurred. In Istanbul, he engaged in the Affairs connected with trade. On the night of 1 January in club Reina in Istanbul, an unidentified terrorist opened fire. The victims of the attack were 39 people,