Due to a malfunction in the boiler plant 12 thousand inhabitants of Moscow were left without heat

Not less than 12 thousand residents of Krasnogorsk near Moscow were left without heat because of a failure of the boiler. On Sunday, January 8, “Interfax” reported the press service of the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Moscow region.

“There was a leakage of the heat carrier in the boiler house “KMZ them. Zvereva”. This is a private boiler room, it is on the balance of the plant. Stop supply of heat 84 apartment houses”, — explained in Department.

It noted that the outage occurred at 10 a.m., and the restoration of the boiler is expected before the end of the day. In connection with the incident in Krasnogorsk points of heating are developed and temporary accommodation. The air temperature in the city on January 8 was set at minus 25 degrees.

This is the second failure of the boiler in Krasnogorsk. On the eve of 7 January, there has ceased to operate two boilers out of three, resulting in about 12 thousand people stopped to obtain a sufficient amount of heat.

On the same day, about 60 homes in Korolev near Moscow were left without heating in the communal result of the accident. As reported by radio station “Moscow speaking”, the situation was repeated on 8 January.

January 6, about 100 thousand residents of Lyubertsy and Kotelniki have lost their power because of the accident at the distribution substation.