Britain urged to suspend Russia from the Olympics-2018

The head of the British anti-doping Agency (about ukad ukad) David Kenworthy said that the Russian team must be removed from the Olympic games in 2018, reports “R-Sport” with reference to the BBC. The Olympics will be held in South Korea in Pyeongchang.


“I think they (the Russian Olympians) should be removed from Games in 2018. I think they had to be removed from the Olympics back in the summer,” said Kenworthy.


He added that the IOC commits “complete crap” involving the issue of doping, which was used by Russian athletes, the policy. In his opinion, everything that happened with the Russian sport this year “unbelievable than a novel about James bond”.


Earlier, the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren published reports according to which in Russia there was a system of the use by athletes of doping. The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) after the scandal had banned the national team of Russia to participate in the summer Paralympics in 2016.

Photo: Michael Kappeler dpa / Globallookpress