Assistant trump made the punishment of Russia for cyber attacks

The future chief of staff of the White house staff Raines, Pribas (Reince Priebus), the closest aide elected President of the USA of Donald trump, did not rule out that the new administration of the United States will take some measures against Russia in connection with attacks attributed to it. He stated this in an interview with broadcaster Fox News, aired 8 Jan.

According to Pribesh, trump took note of the information received at the meeting held on 6 January in new York briefing the leaders of American intelligence.

“He’s going to instruct the intelligence community to submit recommendations. Whatever they were, will be discussed. Perhaps action will be taken”, — said the assistant to trump. However, he noted that “there is nothing wrong to have good relations with Russia and other countries.”

In early July of 2015, it became known that hackers stole the personal data of 21.5 million U.S. citizens — the numbers of policies, the full names of their owners, dates of birth, home addresses, and user names and passwords for their computers. 1.1 million cases of the dossier also contained fingerprints. The leak has affected almost 20 million civil servants. Washington blamed the attack on Chinese hackers.