The government has decided to legally protect the national pride of Russia

Vitaly Milonov

Deputy Vitaly Milonov is preparing a submission to the state Duma a draft law on the protection of the national pride of Russia. About the Agency RIA Novosti reported the press service of people’s choice.

The document contains proposals for establishing liability for public insult of phenomena to which the country is treated with special respect. “The cases where someone is using their publicity, media, social networks, etc., harms, slanders, or is an unambiguous anti-Russian activities”, — said the representatives of the MP, adding that such actions may be perceived negatively in the society, however, are “neither an administrative offence or a criminal offence”.

“These negative actions can cause quite unambiguous consequences — bloating Russophobic myths may provoke distrust and aggressiveness towards Russians abroad, to create obstacles to business development,” said a Source in the apparatus.

Among the phenomena to which the country is treated with special respect, the bill is scheduled to mention, in particular, the history of the great Patriotic war, the military, scientific achievements, and also to the memory of major tragedies, the victims of repression and the victims of disasters. For them the insult offered to enter administrative responsibility.

In the latter case, the press service cite the example of Tu-154 crash over the Black sea, which crashed on December 25 last year. On Board the plane flying to Syria, there were 92 people, all of them died. After the disaster, a number of politicians and public figures, including Ukraine, made comments provocative and blasphemous content.