The experts said, there will be enough gas to Ukraine at strong frosts

Experts of the energy market told, there will be enough reserves of gas to Ukraine during heavy continuous cold. According to Valentin Zemlyansky, Director of energy programs of the Center for world economy and international relations of NAS of Ukraine, conclusions should be doing some time later, after will stand frosts, reported by “Politnavigator”.


“After a frost it will become clear whether there is a need to purchase additional supplies. We went with 12 billion cubic meters of gas, is relatively normal. Then everything will depend on the weather. Here go this week’s frost, it will be possible to make any conclusions. But if this weather will last more than a week, I think additional volumes will be required in any case,” – said the expert.


The co-Chairman of the Fund of energy strategies Dmitry Marunich, possible risks for daily gas supply to consumers and for transit. In this case, it may suffer internal customers, primarily the manufacturers, the expert believes. In 2012 the Ukrainian government and “Naftogaz” did just that, limiting the supply.


On Friday in Kiev, a sharp cold snap is expected. The expected drop in temperature to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Photo: Christopher Occhicone / Globallookpress