Forecasters found it last night and very frosty in Moscow since the beginning of winter

In Moscow on the night of Friday, January 6, was the coldest since the beginning of winter. According to the hydrometeorological centre of Russia, the thermometer dropped to minus 24.7 degrees. In a number of areas of Moscow region the temperature was even lower. For example, in Dmitrov it was 28.8 degrees, reports “Interfax”.

Forecasters predict that the cold in the capital region in the near future will increase. At night the temperature can reach minus 30 degrees or fall below this mark.

The day before, January 5, Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the capital has distributed emergency warning about a sharp cold snap and, as a consequence, the ice on the roads. In this regard, the rescuers recommend to drivers to observe the speed limit and distance on the roads, reports TASS.

The previous low this winter was recorded on December 16. Then the temperature was 18.9 degrees.