Trump took to the White house three times fired a member of his TV show

Omarosa Maniga

Elected President of the United States, Donald trump intends to offer the post to the White house a former member of the TV show “the Apprentice”, hosted by himself was a billionaire. According to the Associated Press, job Omarosa Maniga (Omarosa Manigault) will be linked to public participation in the work of the administration. Accurate information about her future duties as well as the title of the post, yet.

Mangal was an active participant in the election campaign trump. Besides, she’s already worked in the American administration — in the office of the President-Democrat bill Clinton, she worked in the field of recruitment, was an employee of the Ministry of trade, and was also assistant in the state of then-Vice President al Gore, said in 2004, People magazine.

Shortly after starting his Apprenticeship in 2004, trump, host of the show, “fired” her from the program. After a restart of the project Mangal returned to the show, however, twice underwent the procedure of his dismissal in 2011 and 2013.

The reality show “the Apprentice” was launched on the American channel NBC in 2004. The participants competed for the right to become trump’s assistant, who played the lead (after 2015 the project was put on hold because Republicans had to focus on the presidential race). Program winner received the right to lead one of trump’s companies, receiving in this position 250 thousand dollars a year. In 2017 “the Apprentice” resumed (the first edition was broadcast on 2 January). The leads of the show, the actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.