The Syrians are back in Eastern Aleppo, UN –

Syrians return to parts of Eastern Aleppo that were under the control of insurgents. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the acting Special coordinator of the UN in Aleppo Sayad Malik.


He noted that a few days without violence and shooting led to a huge change. It is allowed to return to their homes more than two thousand families.


According to Malik, the people gained access to clean drinking water, the city has seven health centers, residents receive daily hot meals. About 10 thousand children were vaccinated against polio, about the thousands of wounded sent to hospital.


Malik stressed that humanitarian UN agencies have access to all areas of the city. He also noted that what is happening in Aleppo is encouraging.


“Silence the guns and children play, all this gives us hope,” he said.

Photo: Basem Ayoubi / Globallookpress