Intelligence agencies did not check the attack of the “Russian hackers” in the democratic party – the Western media

None of the American special services have not actually studied the servers of the US Democratic party, which allegedly were attacked by Russian hackers during the elections, reports TASS with reference to BuzzFeed.


The FBI’s job was entrusted to a private company Crowdstrike. The FBI comment on this issue refused. This was reported by the portal source in the national intelligence and Deputy head of the press service of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp) Eric Walker.


“How заявилBuzzFeed employee of American intelligence, no institution of the U.S. government has not implemented peer analysis system,” the paper reported.


Earlier it became known that the CIA has postponed a briefing on the cyber attacks allegedly from the Russian side. On it, the Bureau was to provide evidence of cybercrime, which accused Russia, the elected President of the United States Donald Trump. Trump called the postponement was strange.

Photo: Jochen Tack / imagebroker / globallookpress