In space, the localized signal of alien origin

Astronomers have localized the source of the mysterious radiospire from outer space, which some scientists regard as an signal of alien origin.


Unusual repetitive radiospace in the constellation Auriga do not occur in the milky Way and the galaxy a few hundred million light-years from Earth. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to Nature.


“Not even having a clue what they all are, open source is a real leap forward in unravelling the nature and origin FRB-outbreaks” – the article says.


In 2007, astronomers began to talk about the existence of certain mysterious flares of radio emission. According to scientists, it may wear artificial origin, and even potentially be signals of extraterrestrial civilizations. Canadian astrophysicist Paul Scholz and his colleagues were able to localize the source, watching the new flashes at the point where the earth came the splash.

Photo: imagebrokerGuenter Fischer / Globallokpress