The media learned about the death in an accident three employees Ministry of social development of Saratov region

Three employees of the Ministry of social development of Saratov region on the evening of 3 January, died in a car accident. On Tuesday according to RIA Novosti citing a source in the Department.

“Today, the accident killed three members of our Ministry”, — said the interlocutor of the news Agency, adding that other details not available.

In the regional Chapter of the Ministry of interior, the Agency confirmed the deaths of three people in the accident, but the work place of the dead is not mentioned. According to police, the incident occurred at about 17: 30 MSK on a highway near the village Elshanka Voskresensk district, Saratov region.

“The car “Niva-Chevrolet” for unknown reasons, flew into a ditch, where it collided with a pillar. In the car, drove three people — two women and one man, all died”, — explained the chief of service of rescue of the Saratov region Yury Yurin.

According to him, the car no one is clipped, so the cause of the accident is not yet clear. At the scene working rescuers, doctors, policemen and investigators.

29 December in the Stavropol region in the collision of two cars killed six people. “According to preliminary version, the driver of the Priora was moving from the village levokumskogo in the direction of the city of Budennovsk, lost control, went into oncoming and collided with a car Niva”, — told in management of traffic police. Five of the victims were in Priora, the sixth — the driver of “Niva”.