In Germany arrested were preparing an attack on the bomb truck of the migrant

Germany arrested a Syrian migrant on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. On Monday, January 2, Reuters reported, citing the Prosecutor’s office.

The representative of Department reported that in December 2016, the 38-year-old man in the West of saarbrücken call on his mobile phone and asked his companion from Syria 180 thousand euros to buy the explosives and the truck that he was going to mine and to “guide the crowd.”

The suspect was arrested on Saturday, 31 December 2016, a warrant for his arrest was discharged on 1 January, it has become known only now. The identity of the migrant is not disclosed, it is known that he arrived in Germany from Syria about two years ago.

The man admitted to trying to establish contact with the group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), but the charges of preparing a terrorist attack denies. He said he needed the money for personal needs: he says that was going to deception to lure their fighters and send his family to Syria.

19 December in Berlin, the truck made impact on visitors to a street Christmas market. Ran her ran away. During the incident in the cab of the truck was another man, he died. The victims of the attack became 12 people, 48 were wounded. German authorities believe the incident a terrorist attack.