Vanga predicted Russia the role of Savior of the world in 2017



The rest of the country, according to the prophecies of the clairvoyant, will begin to tear each other apart like animals. The coming year will bring a terrible geopolitical and social changes in the world will not be stable and fair. The crisis of the world economy, famine and armed uprisings will lead eventually to a Third world war.

Against the background of these gloomy prophecies Wang saw in the Russian government that will give hope to all the world and to bring spiritual revival, even the United States, thanks to its spiritual power and economic power. In addition, a clairvoyant predicted the unification of all Slavs under the wing of Russia. The rest of the world recognizes the superiority of Russia and voluntarily begin to comply with the chain of command in relation to it.

Recall that Vanga predictions for 2016 related to the strengthening of extremism. In particular, it predicted the world of the “great Islamic war”. Now, the background activity of the terrorist organization ISIL (banned in Russia), Bulgarian sage words seem true. Note that Wang has also predicted that the “Islamic war” will go beyond the Middle East that will launch the Islamic invasion, which will lead to the collapse of Europe in 2044.