Putin responded to the death of the eldest in the family of the Romanovs

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences in connection with the death of Prince Dmitry Romanovich, the press service of the Kremlin.

The head of state has sent to the widow of the Prince Theodore Romanova telegram. “Russia is proud of our distinguished compatriot,” — said in the text.

Putin also noted the great contribution of Dmitry Romanovich in the dissemination abroad of knowledge about the history and culture of Russia, his active charity and philanthropic activities.

The Prince died in Denmark on the evening of 31 December at the age of 90 years. He was also the great-grandson in a direct line to Emperor Nicholas I and cousin of the last Emperor Nicholas II.

Dmitry Romanovich first visited Russia in 1992, after repeatedly visited the historical homeland. The last time the Prince visited Russia in October 2016, he was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky.