In Denmark arrested the daughter of a friend of the President of South Korea

Choi sung-SIL (center)

The Danish police arrested the daughter of Choi sung-SIL, a friend of the President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye amid an unfolding corruption scandal in the Asian nation. About it reports Reuters.

Jung Yu RA, athlete-rider who trained in Germany, was arrested in the Danish city of Aalborg for illegal stay.

A source in spectaculator in Seoul reported that law enforcement authorities of South Korea will work with the European authorities on the issue of Jung Yu RA. They expect that the issue will be resolved within one to two weeks.

Jung Yu RA in the homeland suspected of committing a series of crimes. The South Korean authorities sent a request to the German Prosecutor’s office of her whereabouts and financial assets.

The reason for the political crisis in South Korea became a fortune teller Choi sung-SIL. She is accused of pressure on dozens of major firms with the purpose of transfer of their money in two non-profit Foundation. In case of figures, the sum of 77.4 billion won ($65.6 million). The former second assistant to the President Jeong Ho song accused of transferring friend of the President classified information.

The Parliament of the Republic on 9 December voted to impeach, Park Geun-Hye. This decision still needs for a 180-day period to approve or reject the constitutional court.

Choi sung-SIL was taken into custody, detained the Chairman of the National pension Fund mun Ken PHE.