Fifty prisoners died during a prison riot in Brazil

Prison in Brazil, the archive

At least 50 people were killed during a riot in a Brazilian prison, located near the city of Manaus in the Amazon jungle, reports Reuters.

Data are preliminary and, according to representatives of security service of Brazil, the number of victims could rise, when “the authorities will get a clearer idea of the scale of the uprising”.

It started late Sunday evening, January 1. According to security officials, the cause was a confrontation between the gangs that control the drug trade.

According to the Agency, international human rights organizations have sharply criticized Brazil for the country’s prison system — the overcrowding of places of detention is the norm, and riots occur regularly.

In October the clashes between the two factions in the prison of the city of Boa Vista in the North of the country killed at least 25 inmates. Seven of them were beheaded, and another six burnt alive.