Trump questioned Russian involvement in hacking attacks

Donald Trump

The US President-elect Donald trump expressed doubt that Russia was behind the hacking attacks on the resources of the Democratic party, Reuters reports. In his opinion, it is incorrect to lay the blame on Moscow, if there is not sufficient information.

“I think it’s unfair if we don’t know. It could be someone else,” said trump to reporters at his estate in Florida where he spends Christmas and new year holidays.

Earlier it was reported that the US authorities have detected malware in the system electric company in Vermont. Suspicion fell on the Russian hackers. Soon, however, it became clear that utility was discovered on the same laptop, which was connected to the electricity network.

December 29, Washington imposed sanctions against the FSB, the GRU and other Russian organizations and six individuals in connection with the alleged earlier attacks aimed to interfere in the electoral process in the United States.

Moscow accused that she is using the hackers obtained confidential the allegations of the democratic party and betrayed their publicity to influence public opinion and thereby change the outcome of a vote in favour of trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow considers the last actions of the outgoing administration in Washington as unfriendly and provocative steps to undermine the future of Russian-American relations.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the presidential campaign. In the Kremlin these charges are consistently rejected.