Trump called Putin’s decision on U.S. diplomats “an excellent course”

Donald trump expressed his opinion about the decision of the Russian chief Vladimir Putin not to send from Russia American diplomats in response to the sanctions of Barack Obama.


“I always knew he was very smart,” — said the US President-elect in Twitter.


Recall before it became known that the current occupant of the White house Barack Obama signed a decree on the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions for alleged interference by Russian hackers in the presidential elections and “the pressure on American diplomats.” America also blocked the Russian diplomats access to the so-called suburban “summer cottages” of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation in new York and the Russian Embassy in Washington. In addition, the Obama administration declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats.



Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will not be in response to send American diplomats. And this is despite the fact that Russia, according to international practice, there is every reason for an adequate response. The Russian President called the actions of Barack Obama as a “provocative, aimed at further undermining Russian-American relations.”


Photo: Mark Reinstein / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress