Syrian authorities have thanked Russia for its support of the sovereignty of the country


The Ministry Of Defence

Syrian authorities thank Russia for consistently supporting the territorial integrity and support the sovereignty of the country, told reporters on Thursday following the meeting with the President of Syria, Bashar Assad the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Senator in the delegation of the Federation Council and the European Parliament is in Damascus.

According to Kosachev, the delegation for the first time working in this format was accepted by Assad, held talks with the Chairman of the National Council (Parliament speaker) All Abbas and leaders of major political factions, visited the Center for temporary placement of displaced persons in Damascus, “al-Yves” and examined the base of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation “Hamim”.

“In the course of a thorough and Frank conversation with Bashar al-Assad, which lasted more than an hour, the President of ATS, expressed strong support taken by Russia together with other countries efforts to achieve a truce between the conflicting parties in Syria”, — transfers words of Kosachev, the press service of SF.

“He asked me to convey sincere gratitude to the people of Russia and presenting it to the Parliament for consistently supporting the territorial integrity and support for the sovereignty of Syria, aimed primarily at the suppression of the hotbeds of international terrorism on the territory of the Republic and humanitarian assistance to the civilian population”, — said the Senator.

Kosachev noted that in conversations with Syrian parliamentarians discussed various projects of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, including within the framework of parliamentary assemblies.

In Latakia, the delegation listened to the report of the chief of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Lieutenant General Igor Turchenko and got acquainted with the activities of the air base “Hamim”.

It is noted that the personnel of the base was asked to thank the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko for new year greetings and delivered to base gifts, including a Christmas tree. In turn, the members of the delegation congratulated Russian servicemen on the upcoming holidays, wishing them a successful mission and a speedy return home.