The Syrian opposition confirmed its adherence to the truce

The armed Syrian opposition groups willing to join the nationwide ceasefire proposed by Russia and Turkey. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of representatives of the groups.

Earlier, on 29 December the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the agreement on a ceasefire in Syria and the readiness of the leadership of the Republic and the armed opposition to open peace negotiations.

According to him, the three following documents were signed. The first was the ceasefire in the Syrian Arab Republic. The second is a set of measures to monitor the ceasefire. The third document is a statement of readiness to start peace talks on the Syrian settlement.

The day before, on 28 December, the Turkish Anadolu news Agency has revealed some details of the proposed truce. The effect of the agreement will cover all areas where there are armed clashes between opposition groups and government forces. Parties will be invited to cease hostilities starting from 00:00 local time (01:00 GMT), December 29 this year. The armistice agreement does not concern terrorist groups.

In the case of reaching a sustainable truce the Syrian government and the opposition, backed by Turkey and Russia will begin in Astana, the political discussion of the conflict settlement. The guarantors of the peace process will perform Moscow and Ankara.