Putin and Assad praised the agreements on truce in Syria


The presidents of Russia and Syria Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad in a telephone conversation discussed the truce agreement in the country. This was reported on the official Kremlin website on Thursday, December 29.

“Commended achieved with the mediation of Russia and Turkey, the agreements on the ceasefire and the transition to the political process. The Syrian leader expressed his willingness to respect them”, — stated in the message.

The Kremlin added that, according to both sides, “the launch of the Astana talks on the Syrian peaceful settlement would be an important step towards the final resolution of the crisis.”

Earlier Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the agreement on a cease-fire in Syria and the readiness of the leadership of the Republic and the armed opposition to open peace negotiations. The armed Syrian opposition groups announced that they are ready to join the nationwide ceasefire proposed by Russia and Turkey.

It is assumed that, if we can reach a sustainable truce, representatives of the Syrian government and opposition will start in Astana, political discussion, conflict resolution, and guarantors of the peace process will perform Moscow and Ankara.