“Ahrar al-sham” refused to sign a ceasefire agreement in Syria

Major Islamist Syrian rebel group “Ahrar al-sham” refused to sign the agreement on cease-fire. About it reports Reuters with reference to the statement of its representative Ahmad Ali Kur.

According to him, the “Ahrar al-sham” there are some doubts about the proposed agreement and related negotiations. In more detail, the group promises to present “in due time”.

Earlier on Thursday, 29 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the agreement on a cease-fire in Syria and the readiness of the leadership of the Republic and the armed opposition to open peace negotiations.

The armed Syrian opposition groups pledged to join the nationwide ceasefire proposed by Russia and Turkey.

It is assumed that, if we can reach a sustainable truce, representatives of the Syrian government and opposition will start in Astana, political discussion, conflict resolution, and guarantors of the peace process will perform Moscow and Ankara.

At the same time, earlier it became known that “Ahrar al-sham” expresses strong dissatisfaction with the fact that Moscow wants to eliminate it-held enclave of Eastern ghouta near Damascus of the agreement on a cease-fire. “It is premature to talk about the chances of success. Russian enemy still has no clear position and repeats the requirements of the regime,” said one of the leaders of Munir as-Sal. According to him, negotiations are useless if their ultimate goal is not to put an end to the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.