The defense Ministry confirmed the detection of the primary recorder from the Tu-154

The main black box aboard crashed in the Black sea Tu-154 plane discovered in the morning of 27 December, with the help of remotely operated vehicle “Falcon”. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia.


The defense Ministry said that the flight data recorder was located at a depth of 17 meters.


The defense Ministry added that soon the black box will be delivered at the Central research Institute of the air force in Lyubertsy. There will be a transcript of the recorder.


In addition to the black box, explained in the defense Ministry, last night at the crash site of the liner managed to find five more parts of the aircraft are pieces of the fuselage and engine.


We will remind, victims of tragedy of steel 92. Crew members, soldiers, actors of ensemble of the Alexandrov, head of Department of culture of the defense Ministry Anton Gubankov, the crew of TV channel “Zvezda”, First and NTV, and Dr. Elizaveta Glinka.