Eyewitness said about the strangeness of the flight Tu-154

One version of the crash of Tu-154 plane in the Black sea is considered to be pilot’s error. It is confirmed by the testimony of an eyewitness of the fall, according to “Kommersant“.


As writes the edition, one of the witnesses was an employee of the coast guard stationed on a boat in the sea. He saw the plane falling fast, as if intending to land on the water. The position of the ship in space struck him as odd: the Tu-154 was unnaturally raised nose. It clarifies the source, the eyewitness compared the position of the aircraft with a motorcycle riding on the rear wheel.


The witness added that the airplane’s nose fell off when hitting the water. After that, the ship fell over and sank quickly.


This picture was commented by the experts. They cited several factors that could lead to a similar scenario, and they are all connected with the actions of the crew. So, the Tu-154 lifted off the strip at regular speed (354 km/h) and began to take off. However, after a few seconds, experts suggest, the plane began to slow down, leading to loss of height.


This could occur primarily because of errors the pilots who tried to fly this plane, “too vigorously”. Because of this, the ship brought to supercritical angles of attack, which resulted in a loss of speed and lift and drop to the water surface.


The plane crashed into the Black sea on the morning of 25 December. On Board were 92 people. He was supposed to deliver to Syria, soldiers, journalists, employees of the defense Ministry, performers of the Alexandrov ensemble and philanthropist Elizaveta Glinka.

Photo: emergency situations Ministry