New video of the search operation at the crash site of Tu-154: the footage from the copter

The Ministry of emergency situations of Russia has published a new video, filmed at the crash site of Tu-154 with the help of unmanned aircraft. Based on the presented frames, the search operation is really a significant scale, involve many vessels and aircraft.


“A search operation in the area of the crash of Tu-154 continues, including at night. In the search area with powerful floodlights and light towers that allow the rescuers to work in the dark. With their help, covers the area up to 80 meters around the courts on which they are installed. Just for the works involved more than 3 thousand people and over 200 pieces of equipment”, – stated in the message Department.


Earlier it became known that the Russian geographical community has provided to search for the fragments of Tu-154 plane in the Black sea two manned underwater apparatus. In the near future the technique will be brought to the venue search-and-rescue operations, said the press service of the RGS.


The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, a flight to Syria, crashed in the Black sea on Sunday morning 25 Dec. According to the defense Ministry of Russia, on Board were 92 people — eight crew members and 84 passengers. Among them – three of the crew of the Russian TV channels, the head of the charity Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka, as well as the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble.

Video: EMERCOM of Russia

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia