Kiev did not respond to the crash of the Tu-154 near Sochi

Condolences in connection with tragedy in the Black sea come from all over the world. One of the first words of sorrow expressed Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. According to him, in the Arab Republic of news of the tragedy was met with great sadness, because on Board, as noted by Asad, there were friends with whom the Syrians wanted to share the joy of the recent victories and the upcoming holidays.


In a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin about his support stated by the Presidents of Turkey and Israel, Erdogan and Benjamin Netanyahu.


Words of deep sorrow handed the leadership of Germany – Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier.


On behalf of the American people expressed condolences to the U.S. Ambassador John Tefft, from the British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson.


In Belarus the tragedy was seen as personal. Together with Russia, where Monday is declared a day of mourning, tomorrow the Republic will be lowered national flags


Flowers and candles as a sign of mourning is carried to the embassies of Russia around the world. Despite the fact that the official Ukrainian authorities have not yet reacted to the tragedy with the aircraft Tu-154, to the building of our Embassy Kiev are notes and a mourning ribbon. Mourns The Donbass.


And in the Czech Republic at the doors of the Russian representative office the people began to gatherin the morning, as soon as it became known about the crash.


Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, a flight to Syria, crashed in the Black sea yesterday morning. According to the defense Ministry of Russia, on Board were 92 people — eight crew members and 84 passengers. Among them three of the crew of the Russian TV channels, the head of the charity Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka, as well as the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble.

Photo: Nazar Furyk / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress