Experts have determined the trajectory of the Tu-154

Experts have determined the flight path of the aircraft Tu-154, which crashed near the coastline of Sochi, reported in the defense Ministry.


According to them, the Tu-154 crashed six miles from shore, there was an understanding of exactly where the plane fell. The chief of the HQs of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that the black boxes of the crashed ship will be raised.


Search and rescue work is going in three shifts. Grouping of forces involved in the operation, increased to three and a half thousand people. The work continued all night without interruption, for the coverage area searches were used floodlights and light towers.


In the crash of Tu-154 on the morning of December 25, killed 92 people, among them the physician and the philanthropist, Elizaveta Glinka, head of the culture Department of defence Ministry Anton Gubankov, nine journalists, including a film crew of TV channel “Star”. Most of the passengers were members of the choir Alexandrov.

Photo: Boris Korzin / Transport Photo Images / Globallookpress