The Tu-154 was technically sound, the head of security service of flights

The head of security service of flights of aircraft of armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Bainetov said that the Tu-154 plane crashed, was technically sound before the crash.


“The plane was technically serviceable. Extreme maintenance work was carried out in September 2016,” said Binetou.


Also Bainetov noted that the commander of the crew of the Tu-154 – military pilot, first class, major Volkov Roman. His crew many times carried out flights on a given route.


Tu-154 crashed in Sochi on the morning of 25 Dec. On Board were 84 passengers and eight crew members. Among them – actors of the Alexandrov Ensemble, including artistic Director and chief military conductor of the Russian Federation Valery Khalilov, doctor Elizaveta Glinka (known as Dr. Lisa), Director of the Department of culture Ministry of defence Anton Gubankov and nine journalists.

Photo: Anton Belitsky Russian Look / globallookpress