A list of those killed in the crash of Tu-154

Tu-154 took off from the airfield near Moscow Chkalovsky in the night on Sunday. On Board were 84 passengers and 8 crew members. The plane was flying at an air base in Latakia Hamim. At Adler airport liner completed the refueling. After two minutes after takeoff, it disappeared from the radar screen.


“Singing guns” – so named for the artists twice red-bannered Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian Army Alexandrov. They have always been at the forefront and gave concerts to the hottest spots of the planet. Their voices became the hallmark of the country, and the names known throughout the world.


On Board the Tu-154 was Elizaveta Glinka – resuscitation and an anesthesiologist by training, his life had been devoted to save the children. In Syria it was carrying medical supplies for local hospital. Just a few days ago she received the state award from hands of the President.


For journalists travel in Hamim – a normal job. To show new year’s concert of the Alexandrov ensemble in Syria, this same Board went the crew of TV channel “Zvezda”, NTV and “the First channel” – very young guys, which in this case has already been to much more dangerous missions.


Communication with them is interrupted just two minutes after takeoff from the airport in Adler.


The causes of the crash remains to be seen. At the crash site work search and rescue team. In Sochi has begun work the Commission on elimination of consequences of the crash of Tu-154. Monday 26 December is declared day of mourning in the country.