Rectors of Academy College and Sakinaka schools commented on the scandal in GITIS

The scandal at the Russian University of theatre arts (GITIS), where a number of students and teachers protesting against the decision of the academic Council of the University to combine theatre and production departments, “the” on December 23 said the rectors of the Academy of music after Gnesins and the Schepkin theatre school.

“I’m also in January I will combine two of the faculty, — said the rector gnesinka Galina Majjorovskaya. — Any Manager, when connected by something or divides, then is guided by questions of expediency. By law, decisions to change the structure of the University are made by the academic Council is the electoral body that represents the interests of the teaching staff”.

According to Mioroshi, students should not interfere in this kind of organizational issues, not understanding the motivations of the administration. “For example, I do it because I have one Department with a small Department and the other is the same. Why spend extra money? Now everywhere is cost optimization. And those we cut is offered another job on a speciality”.

The rector of the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin Boris Lyubimov, who graduated from GITIS in 1969 and has long worked in this University as a teacher, he is in charge of the Department of theatre critics, believes that this situation is “not worth a damn”.

“Not a single square meter is not reduced, does not change the curriculum. One is we will not have to lecture. Then what’s the problem? Why worry about it? — he explains. — When they say it’s murder tradition, I find it funny. And a little sad. Those who rebel, can not know that when we in GITIS, in 1975 began to prepare producers (then — organizers of the theater business), they studied the composition of drama faculty. Is that not a tradition? It lasted 15 years.”

Lyubimov was not insisting on “brilliant” decision to merge the faculties of the University, but does not see the reason for the fuss that is raised around what is happening. “I think that there (among the protesters — approx. “Of the”) can be people who see the changes own prejudice. But it does not hurt students and teachers. I am convinced of this. Books need to read and study for finals!”

Rector Chips noted that the distinction between the production and the theatre today is very thin. Largely because among producers of drama education is very much appreciated. “And what is stated in the diploma, the Director of the Theatre of Nations Mary Revyakino? She’s a theater critic. Director urin is also theater critic. The musical theatre is headed by Shvydkoi. He’s a theater critic, who became a producer. Producer of the film “9th company” Elena Yatsura is a graduate of the theatre faculty and the graduate school of the Department of history of the theatre”.

The confrontation between the University administration and student-teaching staff expressed in an open letter last in the Ministry of culture, Union of theatre workers of the Russian Federation and the head of GITIS.

“At the academic Council voted for such a decision, there were heads, heads of departments and most important teachers of the two faculties by which the decision was made, — noted in the text, which was signed by over a thousand people, including graduates of GITIS. — Moreover, the voting was conducted in a time when the Dean of drama faculty Natalia Pivovarova is on sick leave after a severe accident”.

The rector of GITIS — Grigory Zaslavsky on December 22 announced the “Novaya Gazeta” that the unification of the faculties will be held despite the protest. However, he noted that “it will continue to be refined in the process, and another Council shall be convened”.