Pamfilova: talk about the position of the CEC to transfer a single voting day too early


RIA Novosti

The Central election Commission of Russia has no clear position on the question of possible transfer of uniform day of voting, at a meeting with chairmen of regional election commissions voiced different opinions. This was reported by TASS, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

21 -22 December, the CEC holds an annual meeting with heads of regional election commissions, closed to the press. The newspaper “Kommersant” at the end of the first day, citing unnamed participants in the meeting wrote that “Pamfilova admitted the possibility of the abolition of the single voting day, or transfer to another date”.

“It is not what we discussed, it is our internal affair, now still early about something to speak,” Pamfilova told TASS.

She noted that the meeting discussed different issues of electoral law. “Then we will present the working group (under the office of the President), and then lawmakers will decide. We are discussing the entire package of proposals,” she explained.

According to the CEC head, “raw” information for publication gave someone the “one language without bones”.