Putin told US about the power of the American army

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, answering the question of a foreign journalist at a press conference, stated that and stated that Russia has the strongest army in the world. He stressed that talked about the fact that Russia is stronger than any potential aggressor, and so, the President said.


“Why all of a sudden after my words U.S. officials began to say that they are the strongest, is unclear. We do not dispute this. We say that we are stronger than any aggressor, and so it is,” Putin said during a press conference.


He added that the strength of Russia is composed of many factors – ranging from the modernization of the nuclear triad, the reform of the armed forces to the attitude of society.


Earlier, the U.S. state Department did not agree with the words of Vladimir Putin about the factthat Russia is now stronger than any potential aggressor. State Department spokesman John Kirby said that in the entire history of mankind “was not so smart and strong armed forces, the US army now.”

Photo: navy.mil