Emergencies Ministry convoy with new year’s gifts went to Donbass


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Column of the EMERCOM of Russia with humanitarian aid for Donbass formed in the Rostov region, moved in the direction of the Russian border, the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

The convoy of over 40 trucks, carrying more than 400 tons of humanitarian cargo. The bulk of the goods – food, medicines, gifts and necessities, it said in a statement received by RNS.

Before arriving at the state border, the convoy will split into two parts. One of them will proceed to the checkpoint “Donetsk”, the second “Matveyev Kurgan” to pass the necessary customs procedures in accordance with international legislation on the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Driving experienced drivers-rescuers, who during his career has performed dozens of humanitarian operations around the world. Also, the column consists of physicians and technical staff, ready when necessary to provide in the way of timely assistance to drivers and staff accompanying the shipment.