Victory in any event will be us – the defenders of debaltseve attacks on the APU

The defenders of the city debaltseve, the self-proclaimed LNR appealed to the soldiers of the APU, a statement that will not give victory to the Ukraine and “looking forward to” new attacks on the town.


“Let them think they do not attack, and the torment returns,” said one of the soldiers of the LC.


His companion added that they are waiting for the Ukrainian military. And prepare them “to meet”. Then spoke the commander of group of militia and urged the Ukrainian soldiers to see what is happening in their country and together “to deploy the weapon in one way”.


“And so we long to slip. View on Gunpowder, he bursts,” said the soldier.


Earlier , the journalists interviewed the residents of Debaltsevo. Townspeople say keep cheerful, normally live and know that “the city will not give” Mat.


Ukrainian military began to break debaltseve on 18 December. In the course of resistance was destroyed 40 Ukrainian security forces. While officially, the Ukrainian defense Ministry said only six of the dead soldiers APU and 19 wounded.

Video: News-Front / YouTube