“Under the feet of the second separable brains out”: false despair “Right sector” on debaltseve

Officers are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation the terrorist organization “Right Sector” told on his page on FaceBook abouthow the AFU suffered losses while trying to break under Debalcevo. Ivan peace presented by Ukrainian media own defeat as the losses from the alleged militias attempting to break into the arc Svetlodarsk the night of 18 to 19 December.


According to Peace, he with nine military moved to the position in the early morning. In the afternoon he said he received the order to stand to sweep the trenches.


“800 meters went fast, 10 meters from their trenches, Beha stops … and then came hell !!! The Orc looks out of the trench and PROSet armor all! 10 meters !!!!”, – wrote in his Facebook peace.


After a detailed description of the alleged repel the attacks of the militia of peace continues the description of the negotiations with his men: “poplar, poplar-I Shaytan, coming back from the orcs don’t shoot”, “Take the devil”, running on the left flank, under the feet of the second separable, also cut skull – brains out, cross, cry – “there will now be our go – don’t shoot!” “Satan, Satan, come, our waiting for you!” “Took poplar, you about three hundred meters” … back in the center, there is Max and the infantryman, max’s hand is bleeding …”.


December 18, Ukrainian security forces attempted to break the line of defense of the LC in the settlements of Kalinovka and Logvinova. Massive attack forces of Ukraine was held at the fire support detachment and artillery. All the militia were fired about 150 shells. Despite the massive attack power of the LPR militia successfully repulsed the attack.


Earlier, former commander of Gorlovka garrison of the Militia DND, major-General Igor Bezler reported that over the two days of the onset of the APU Ukrainian side had lost more than a hundred military and Ukrainian media reported the wrong information on the number of dead and wounded under Debaltsevo.