Murmansk sailor shows in the blog unusual caught fish

Murmansk sailor shows in the blog unusual caught fish

Russian sailor Roman Fedortsov works on a fishing trawler in the Barents sea and publishes reports about its activities in social networks. The creatures photographed Fedortsov, often have a terrible view.

Some images of the sailor is accompanied by commentary on the place where was the fish caught, sometimes says what it’s called.

On his pictures you can see a transparent and toothy deep-sea fish and other sea creatures of various shapes and sizes.

Subscribers Fedortsova on Twitter writing: “If in the cold Barents sea there are such instances, then what about those which you can find in the South seas”.

For the newly “arrived” on Board-another underwater predator #fishing #fish #photossarasota

Roman Fedortsov (@rfedortsov) 16 December 2016

But fish in #tral are such creatures. I hope not poisonous:) #photossarasota #fishing #Barentsevom #trawler #job

Roman Fedortsov (@rfedortsov) 18 Dec 2016

Another #Grenadier caught in #tral. The stores sold a carcass, so as not to scare buyers. #photossarasota #Barentsevom #fishing

Roman Fedortsov (@rfedortsov) 13 Dec 2016.

The author of the collection of images not yet visited in the South seas, but insists that in the North sea monsters abound.

Hi all! Continue #fishing. Another representative of the depth came in #tral. #photossarasota #Barentsevom #fish #boat #work

Roman Fedortsov (@rfedortsov) December 15, 2016.