The driver was specifically written to truck people – witness the attacks in Berlin

Eyewitnesses of the attack on the crowd in Berlin said that the driver had specially sent a car to the tent, which was most people. The truck drove through fair territory about 80 meters and stopped only from-for breakages.


It is noted that this Christmas fair in the city centre was popular with residents and tourists.


“The truck drove a few metres from us. We saw the wounded and ran to help them, there was so much blood. People covered wreckage of the stalls, and we tried to get them out. There were many families with children, and my friend saw a truck hit one child,” – said an eyewitness of the tragedy.


In the centre of Berlin drove a truck into a crowd of people, walked around a Christmas market. The attack killed 12 people, another 48 were injured.


The driver tried to escape but was detained by the police. According to preliminary data, he was a refugee from Pakistan and a truck owned by a Polish company, was stolen.

Photo: Omer Messinger / / Globallookpress