Published video as the killer of the Russian Ambassador is preparing for a crime

Killer Russian Ambassador to Turkey, 22-year-old Mevlut Altyn-Tash, before the crime some time quietly standing behind a Russian diplomat. Apparently, those present took him for a guard. While Altyn-Tash changed its position clearly choosing more convenient point for shooting. A minute before, as fire was opened, Ambassador Andrei Karlov said about the friendship of the peoples of Russia and Turkey. This is evident in the video that was posted online.


“I very much hope that this exhibition will allow the residents of Ankara to better understand Russia, maybe someone will have a desire to visit these parts as a tourist and see everything with your own eyes. The exhibition will be interesting for the Russians, always interesting to see how your country is perceived by foreigners. This exhibition is the first cultural event in the life of Ankara after the complications of our relationship. I’m sure she will contribute to the rapprochement of the peoples of our country”, – said Alexander Charles.


After these words, the killer pulled out a gun from his inside pocket and opened fire on the Ambassador. In the video you hear at least nine shots. The killer, 22-year-old former police officer mevlüt Altyn-Tash, were eliminated during a special operation by special forces. Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov was killed on 19 December during a public speech at the exhibition “Russia through the eyes of travellers”. The Russian foreign Ministry called the incident a terrorist attack, the incident was condemned by the leaders of many countries and the UN security Council.

Video: XOxu TV / YouTube