Mikhalkov after visiting the “Yeltsin Centre” was strengthened in his opposition to

Mikhalkov after visiting the “Yeltsin Centre” was strengthened in his opposition to

The Director expressed regret that had not visited him before.

Moscow. 19 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Chairman of the Union of cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov regrets that he called for “Yeltsin Centre” before, then he started to talk about it “earlier and harder”.

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Nikita Mikhalkov during a visit to the “Yeltsin Centre”

“I had an idea of what was in the Center. I visited him the day before yesterday (on Saturday — if). Sorry that was not there before, if I called for it earlier, I would have brought it up before and I would say even tougher. For me it was an important presence there,” said the Director, speaking on Monday in the Federation Council at the meeting of Council for questions of intellectual property.

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Nikita Mikhalkov during a visit to the “Yeltsin Centre”

Criticism of the cartoon

Mikhalkov visited the Centre during his trip to Ekaterinburg. During the visit, “Yeltsin Centre” the Director has not changed his opinion about him, particularly on the demonstrated historical cartoon.

“If this is respected the history of the country, it is a lie. I can’t believe it. You say that this cartoon is about the desire for freedom. Where in this cartoon, the freedom that is inherent in us, this slavery? The bias at which (in the cartoon — if) shown and time in the center, it leads to more harm Yeltsin himself. This is my point of view,” — said Mikhalkov earlier during the visit, “Yeltsin centre”.

In his opinion, the film instills in young people the love of their country.

“Young people come here, unfortunately, deriving historical information from Wikipedia. They come in a huge center, which spent a lot of money that they have to tell something and the first thing they see is the cartoon. And no respect and love for their ancestors and their past is not born”, — said Mikhalkov.

Thus, according to the Center, the Director called for only 20% of the Museum exhibits.See alsoMikhalkov has explained the reason for his arrival in “Yeltsin Centre”

Earlier Mikhalkov during the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council criticized the “Yeltsin Centre”, which, according to him, “daily injections of destruction of the national identity of the people,” and proposed to change the nature of its activities.

He proposed to “separate the wheat from the chaff and look at the activities of the Centre through the eyes of people who do not want to denigrate the name of Boris Yeltsin, but at the same time can not agree with the biased and ideologically-based interpretation of our history.”

The Director has explained “to Interfax” that it is necessary to assemble a team of professionals — historians, political scientists and experts, which should, after analyzing all the exposition, the exhibits and activities of the Museum, make your edits, if deems it necessary.

Reply Naina Yeltsin

In response to the criticism Mikhalkov Naina Yeltsin said: “I am deeply shocked by these statements Mikhalkov”.

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“And not only because they are false, not having any relation to “Yeltsin Centre” nor to his activity. What is striking is that he for the past few months spreading lies about how the history of the country in the Museum of the first President of Russia did not hesitate to pull out of context the elements of the exposition, label it, and directly to insult people who in those years worked for the good of our country”, — stated in the statement of Naina Yeltsin, posted on the Center’s website.

“Yeltsin Centre” was opened in Yekaterinburg in November 2015. Its opening was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, well-known politicians, cultural figures and people who knew the first Russian President.