Overgrown dirt Maidan and the flags of the “Right sector”: looks like Kiev under the new government

The TV channel “Star” continues the project “Ukraine: East – West”dedicated to the lives of ordinary people in the neighboring country. The city, which was visited by the blogger Alexander Fomin this time – Kiev.


Alexander Fomin took a walk at the very center of the Ukrainian capital – Maidan Nezalezhnosti. He noted that the main square in Kiev still has not recovered from sad events 2013 – 2014. That is the power for several years are unable to bring order to the Maidan.


“Again, began to lower the wipers below the floor, not to think for people. Brooms are not allowed. Ten pieces will give what we want, the oars,” said the woman, engaged in cleaning the streets.


While shooting in Central Kiev blogger witnessed another rally, held right under the walls of Parliament. The protesters decided to block the street. The police watched but did not interfere with the protesters. Alexander Fomin asked the protesters why they are protesting.


“What happened? Pensions do not give us,” said one of the protesters.


“We gave their lives and health. Then half of the people with disabilities, drove them into such bondage that you can not imagine!” – said another man.


The complexity of the social situation in the country noted and the seller of Souvenirs.


“It’s hard now people. Salaries are small, mostly in communal”, he said.


The man said that favors only interested in visitors who often buy magnets with the views of Kiev. It is also worth noting that among the Souvenirs sold there are even cups with pictures of Stepan Bandera.


Alexander Fomin questioned passers-by about what they think about the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.


“Of course, it is necessary to end the war. But you have got to finish. The guys are there, and we’ll just end up like they want. To properly finish,” said the woman.


“Peace in the country if come to their senses. If you turn to the Lord. We ourselves are nothing, of course,” said another passerby.


“I don’t deny that I’m annoyed. I have a suspicion that my response is inadequate, but even if I just hear the Russian language with such a noticeable accent, I get annoyed,” said the man, alone of all the respondents speak Ukrainian language.


“To undermine the state, it is necessary to embroil the brothers. It’s always been. The important thing is that sensible people do not succumb to provocations,” – said another resident of Kiev.


But how are ordinary residents of the Ukrainian capital to its President Petro Poroshenko.


“Who is Poroshenko? He was with all the power at their posts. Plants it both worked, and work, and not selling. We have any President who comes to power in a poor country becomes always richer,” said the cab driver.