Published a new video of a shootout with the bandits in Grozny

In the Network appeared another video of a special operation in Grozny, where law enforcement officials have eliminated four bandits. A video posted on one of the accounts on YouTube.


The footage, taken by a surveillance camera, shows how a car occupied by people whose identity is not yet established, and knocks the inspector of traffic police who tried to stop going at great speed the car.


It is known that the victim is a police officer survived. With various injuries and was hospitalized.


On the night of December 18, referred to the bandits attacked the house of a law enforcement officer, stole a COP car, tried to break through the cordon, then clashed with law enforcement officers.


Four bandits were liquidated on the spot, another two, as stated by arrived at the emergency the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov, managed to hold.

Video: wolf 95/ YouTube