In the Syrian Idlib burned up buses with civilians

A group of unidentified persons fired at and burned several buses, which evacuated civilians from Shiite villages in Syria’s Idlib province. On Sunday, December 18, according to Euronews , with reference to the state television of the Republic.


Buses were taking people from the villages of al-Fua and Kefraya after the adjacent areas seized by anti-government armed gangs. Syrian authorities demanded that they give the Shiites the opportunity to travel to the territory controlled by government forces. It was the main condition for the continuation of the evacuation of fighters from Eastern Aleppo.


Nevertheless, on Sunday about five buses were attacked. This happened immediately after the vehicles accompanied by vehicles of the red Crescent arrived at the villages.


At the same time the representatives of the terrorists said to Reutersthat the attack was made by a “crowd of angry people.”

Photo: Conflict News