The defense Ministry explained how the liberation of Aleppo will affect the course of the war in Syria

The procedures for consenting to surrender to rebels from Aleppo is significant, since after it became obvious that to achieve peace in Syria must begin to negotiate to all parties, and this should be done on the ground. This statement was made in the defense Ministry.


“The conferences in the West, instead of negotiating with all sides in Syria, except terrorists is a dead end”, – stressed in the defense Ministry.


The Russian defense Ministry also said that the removal of fighters from Aleppo to really put an end to the issue of secession of the so-called moderate opposition from the radicals.


“The operation for the withdrawal of fighters along with their families from Aleppo have opened new opportunities for the introduction of the cessation of fighting in other areas of Syria”, – concluded MO.


Only the withdrawal of the terrorists and their relatives from the city were saved almost ten thousand people.