Study: frequent saunas may protect against dementia

Study: frequent saunas may protect against dementia

Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland came to this conclusion as a result of observations they conducted in over 20 years.

HELSINKI, 16 December. /Offset. TASS Nina Burmistrova/. Frequent trips to the sauna can reduce the risk of a person has dementia. These results were based on a study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland.

Observing involved in the study lasted for 20 years. A group of 2 thousand middle-aged men were divided into three test groups: those who went to the sauna once a week, two to three times four to seven times.

Scientists claim that “the more frequent these trips, the lower the risk of dementia”.

“Among those who visited a sauna four to seven times per week, the risk of developing dementia was 66% lower than in the other groups, and, in particular, the risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 65% lower”, — is spoken in the message of the University.See alsoScientists have discovered how to prevent the development of dementia in old age

According to experts, earlier this relationship has not been investigated. However, the previous medical findings also showed that trips to the sauna in General have a positive effect on the body.

At the same time, added to the University, the mechanisms of positive effects of sauna on the human body, scientists are still unknown.

According to the head of the research group Jari a Laukkanen, a certain role can play a “sense of relaxation that a person feels while in the sauna”.